What We Do

What We Do

Our company specializes in the digital distribution of international VOD rights and operates an international YouTube network comprising over 30 genre-specific channels. As a 360° marketer of digital content, we offer comprehensive services in content distribution and marketing. Our experienced team includes certified YouTube experts, curators, marketing specialists, producers, and lawyers, all of whom boast more than 10 years of online video experience. Our partners are diverse and international, including production studios, worldwide distribution companies, festivals, and TV broadcasters.

Watch Movies in numbers

We own the publishing rights of over 3.000 films and documentaries.
We reach 40M video views per month.
Has grown by 300% over the last 4 years.

As the Managing Director and Head of YouTube, Thomas Schneider-Trumpp oversees all operations and strategic initiatives related to the company’s YouTube channels.

Thomas Schneider-Trumpp

Managing Director and Head of YouTube

Thomas Schneider-Trumpp

Managing Director and Head of YouTube

As the Managing Director and Head of YouTube, Thomas Schneider-Trumpp oversees all operations and strategic initiatives related to the company’s YouTube channels.

Esther Trumpp is responsible for Administration & Licensing, managing all related activities, ensuring compliance and efficiency in these areas, and overseeing the reporting processes.

Esther Trumpp

Administration & Licensing

Esther Trumpp

Administration & Licensing

Esther Trumpp is responsible for Administration & Licensing, managing all related activities, ensuring compliance and efficiency in these areas, and overseeing the reporting processes.

Our Channels

Watch Movies Now!

Watch Movies Now is the place to be for Horror Movies. Here you will find the hardest Slasher Horror, Zombie Movie, Paranormal Horror, Dark Fantasy, Found Footage and many more. We upload every day a new movie. The channel is curated by experienced film producers. In our community section we report about our latest productions.
Become a member and get even more insight into exclusive footage, making ofs and interviews.


On Watch Now you will find a handpicked selection of exciting films from the genre of science fiction and fantasy.
We release a new movie every day.


We love action movies. We are a team of movie lovers and here we want to show our collection of legally licensed action movies to the public. The best curated action channel on YouTube. Stay tuned..


Welcome to Watch Thriller Movies Now, your premier YouTube destination for edge-of-your-seat thriller films. Curated by a team of seasoned experts, our channel specializes in bringing you a daily dose of suspense and intrigue. Each day, we feature a different thriller, meticulously selected to ensure a gripping cinematic experience. From psychological thrillers to action-packed mysteries, our diverse collection promises to captivate and entertain thriller enthusiasts everywhere. Subscribe to our channel for your daily thriller fix and dive into the best that the genre has to offer.


Welcome to Watch Comedy, your go-to source for laughter-packed comedy films, refreshed weekly with legally licensed gems. We’re dedicated to the art of bringing joy and laughter through storytelling that unites and delights. Our handpicked collection strives to entertain, uplift, and create lasting, joyful memories. Dive into Watch Comedy, where each week unveils a new tale guaranteed to bring smiles and light-hearted moments to your life.

Watch Doku - Der Dokumentarfilm Kanal

On Watch Doku, you’ll find a handpicked selection of documentaries on intriguing topics such as space, nature, World War II, world history, and much more. Here, you can find documentaries to combat boredom, all in German. We are a team of knowledge-thirsty YouTubers who will only show you documentaries that we ourselves enjoy. Watch Doku takes you on a journey through knowledge: the universe, history, nature, society, history, and unsolved mysteries.


Welcome to Watch Drama, your destination for captivating drama films, updated weekly with legally licensed content. We believe in the power of storytelling to evoke emotion and connect us all. Our curated selection aims to touch, inspire, and offer profound, unforgettable experiences. Join us at Watch Drama, where every week brings a new story that speaks to the heart and mind.


We’re passionate about horror movies! We continuously publish fully licensed, complete films here. Stay tuned, and remember: don’t watch alone unless you want to make friends with the shadows!


At Watch Car Reviews Now, it’s all about the fascination of cars: We highlight the coolest cars in history, dive into the world of iconic movie cars, and introduce the latest models. Our channel blends nostalgia with modern technology and cinematic action. For car enthusiasts and movie fans, there’s something new to discover every week!


Explore the thrilling realms of science fiction and action with our dedicated video channel, SciFi Action Hub. Every day, we release new movies, featuring everything from cutting-edge space adventures to high-stakes action thrillers. Our curated selections promise to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with innovative storytelling and breathtaking visuals. Join us at SciFi Action Hub for your daily dose of adrenaline-pumping entertainment.

Our Services


Watch Movies offers a highly professional, homogeneous and editorially guided environment for marketers and brands as well as for studios and festivals.


We specialize in optimizing and distributing your content on YouTube to maximize revenues, utilizing a unique method that significantly extends the lifespan and earnings of a film compared to other channels.


Watch Movies has an experienced team of social media and ad-managers. We develop social media plans to promote contents within the structure of the network and to ensure highest visibility. We use the reach of all channels to draw attention to the release of new films.


Based on YouTube Analytics, Watch Movies offers one of the most comprehensive exploitations tools on the internet. We provide our customers with detailed statements on the performance of their contents and statistic data on individual videos.


We protect your content’s intellectual property across the web using YouTube’s Content ID fingerprinting technology. This ensures there are no copyright infringements or unauthorized pirating of your material.


Distributors and producers are invited to contact us for licensing opportunities. Your content is in safe hands with our experienced team, ensuring it reaches the widest possible audience while maintaining integrity and security. Partner with us to maximize the potential of your creative works.


Watch Movies promotes the platform by regular publications through the press, on fairs or exhibitions and via social media activities